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Thank You for Visiting the Marine Force Recon Website We have Been around since 5-23-2003 - we are the future in On-Line Gaming.... We play many diffrent types of games but if you see ||MFR|| in front of our name you can bet we will be hunting You!!!!
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Ghost Recon Time   

Ok it is time to get back to having fun with the best FPS ever made GHOST RECON the original I am working on setting up a server for us to play on again. if you want to join us jump on Team speak for more info on how to get the game and mods we will be playing. There are several of us on TS every night and we have been talking about the old days and decided to just break down and go back to where we started and Play some Ghost Recon. I will post the IP of the server in the Ghost Recon room on TS for anyone that want to come join the rest of us and have some fun.

Ghost Recon Server Up and Running......

IP =

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There are currently, 12 guest(s) and 0 member(s) that are online.

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Team Speak 3 Server

Ok I have Setup a Team Speak 3 Server the server address is as always so come join me and lets chat ||MFR|| Razor

World of Warships   

Huge Naval Fleet Destroyers The fastest and most agile class of ships--lightly armored but possessing huge firepower in the form of torpedoes. In battle, destroyers can use smoke screens; which allows them to cover its own torpedo attack or hide allied ships. Cruisers A versatile and multi-purpose class of ship--each comes with its own loadout containing a combination of anti-aircraft guns, torpedoes, or even an aircraft launchers. All cruisers are known for their high rate of fire; making them the perfect vessel to apply pressure to enemy forces at any stage in the battle. Battleships The real heavyweights of the World of Warships universe. Possessing massive guns, thick armor, and bristling with secondary armaments, these behemoths ply the seas with impunity. Aircraft carriers Aircraft carriers scout the battlefield, send squadrons of dive bombers, torpedo bombers, and fighter planes to wreak havoc upon the enemy. Though they're lightly armed themselves, their wide array of aircraft make them a micro-manager's dream come true.


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 New Ghost Recon coming out! 3 Nalc 4780   05/18/2012 at 03:34 
 Wasup! from Fud! 6 fuddlebunker 6166   04/28/2012 at 04:49 


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